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The purpose of any activity or resource at The Hive of Wellbeing is to support participants in considering aspects of their lives in a more conscious way. This can provide a more resourceful and resilient inner landscape for participants to respond from in daily life.

The Wheel of Life

This exercise provides a useful reflection on what is working well in our lives, how we have achieved what we have and which areas we would now like to develop further. To make this progress, we will consider what actions, resources, supports and motivation levels we will need.

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My Spheres of Influence

We can ascribe far too much or far too little control to others for the impact that they have in our lives. At times, this is not always helpful and resourceful in getting an accurate perspective of what we can do to support ourselves. In this exercise, we can perhaps achieve more perspective on what is rightly within our control, what we are able to influence and what we would benefit from if we simply let go of it.

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Identifying Energy Vampires

We can often assume that Energy Vampires are people, but we perhaps could consider this idea more broadly as being any aspect of our lives which drains us of energy unnecessarily. Taking a more conscious approach to what habits, beliefs, actions etc drain us of our energy can support us in making a commitment to employing our energies more productively. Eating an elephant one bite at a time!

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Marking Cycle Examples

Every day we plan for the success of our children and young people, but how often do we plan success for ourselves at work? This simple exemplar and accompanying templates provide an opportunity for you to reflect on how you plan your marking and assessment once you have planned the learning experiences for pupils. 

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Productivity Matrices

Staying conscious about what we do every day is essential to our wellbeing. Does what I do make a difference? How do I know? We are creatures of habit and as such we can become unconsciously attached to “how we always do” certain aspects of our work. By staying conscious of what is working for us and for our learners, we increase our chances of feeling more purposeful and fulfilled at work.

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Creating Enduring Habits

This template allows some self-reflection and goal-setting for the new academic year. Habits are not broken in the mind; they are replaced when we feel the changes in our bodies. Therefore, by visualising and anchoring these good feelings in our minds and bodies we can effectively change how we behave.

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