About the Hive

Just as the bees are essential to the whole of humanity’s existence and survival, so too are our Early Years practitioners, support staff, teachers and school leaders essential to our society’s positive progress and a civilised world.

Claire Lavelle

However, our self-care is necessary for our own survival and indeed our need to flourish as educators! How are our inner resources? How are we consciously focused on what makes us feel good to educate well? How do we reconcile the external pressures and demands with the essential need to care for ourselves?

The premise of “feeling good, teaching well” is the starting block for The Hive of Wellbeing. Simple in its message, and ambitious in its goal, The Hive aims to support Early Years practitioners, teachers and senior leaders in getting into a “better-feeling place” by using coaching for performance principles, positive psychology approaches and self-efficacy theory in online recorded CLPL sessions in schools, groups and individuals.

Focusing on a range of work issues, such as workload, time management, school and classroom systems, values and beliefs, work relationships; educators are asked to reflect on questions pertinent to their inner resilience, self-efficacy and the emotional capital needed to make their settings and schools successful. Another key element of the work of The Hive of Wellbeing is the desire to build a supportive network for individual practitioners, teachers and leaders out with their schools, where there are opportunities to explore personal and professional challenges whilst having the coaching support to discuss and reframe issues appropriately.

The Hive is run by professional coach, Claire Lavelle M.B.E., who has over twenty-five years’ experience in Education. Claire has been a teacher, a principal teacher, a primary head teacher in Scotland and abroad, and a quality improvement officer in a Scottish local authority.

Claire is currently moving to a new role and will continue to update the website with videos and some future live events to support the wellbeing of educators.

Some feedback from our Sessions

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These sessions give me further understanding on how to manage my own stresses. 

You just nail it every time!!
Claire was amazing again! So knowledgeable and connects with everyone because she’s been in our shoes!
Thank you - we should have one at the start of every term.

The Hive encouraged me to take time for myself, maintaining a work-life balance.

Great presentation. Claire was very inspiring. Wish you could come and spend a day with all our staff.

The Hive made me feel more confident that I am doing the best I can.

Claire helped me get better awareness of self-care and taking time to reflect and not put pressure on myself.

The session Makes you think about what is achievable.

The best aspect of today's session was reflection, nice to discuss things in a big group. Positive thinking.

The best thing are the reminders about how to prioritise and change mindsets.

The sessions are time to share with others and reflect on perceptions.

The sessions with The Hive give me the opportunity to reflect on my own reactions/thought processes.

Thank you – I love these sessions and am spreading the word with colleagues. So useful to have these sessions.
I love the ongoing interactions and your nuggets of wisdom!