The Hive of Wellbeing

The Hive of Wellbeing is committed to excellence in Coaching and LP and works to the highest standards of training and delivery to ensure that schools, teachers and coachees have a quality learning experience to support their personal and professional development.
It is important that high level skills and work are carried out in a professional manner, bringing about effective changes for educators and coachees.

The Hive of Wellbeing has high standards of content, delivery and support.
The Hive of Wellbeing seeks to comply with the new standards introduced by the European Data Protection Law – known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is committed to maintaining and providing clarity on how personal information is handled.
The Hive of Wellbeing has and is committed to ensuring that measures are continually taken to keep any personal data safe and secure.

Legitimate reasons for holding personal data

Personal data (consisting of name, email address, and name of establishment/organisation) is held by The Hive of Wellbeing from when you contact Claire Lavelle through social media sites, e.g. Messenger; by phone or by email; requesting course information – such as:

  • If you are new to The Hive of Wellbeing and this is the first time you have contacted The Hive of Wellbeing for information
  • If you have previously requested information from The Hive of Wellbeing

Personal data is also held by The Hive of Wellbeing when you have:

  • Registered as an attendee on one of the fortnightly sessions in the Wellbeing Lab
  • Booked courses for your school/establishment/organisation
  • Requested course information tailored to meet the needs of your school community

Customer/Coachee personal data is held by for the purposes of responding to and providing:

  • Requests for Information about upcoming sessions at The Hive of Wellbeing
  • Customer Service, Guidance and Support
  • Information and updates to Customers and Coachees

No information is shared with any third party, other than for the purpose of processing data, such as the sending out of newsletters, information and updates to customers. The data processor used for this is MailChimp which holds and adheres to its own strict Privacy Policy and only processes name and email addresses. The personal data held by The Hive of Wellbeing is to enable contact with you. Any electronic records held which relate to email addresses and tailored courses for schools, school groups and organisations are stored on password protected computers.


No sensitive personal data is held by The Hive of Wellbeing.


Any data held on any coachee who attends 1:1 coaching sessions with Claire Lavelle is anonymised.

Furthermore, the following measures are in place to protect all coachees:

  • Anonymised goal-setting notes and practitioner reflection notes are stored electronically and refer to general goals, not to the coachee’s specific situation. Reflection notes refer only to the practice and self-evaluated performance of the coach, Claire Lavelle.
  • Any hand-written coachee notes are shared with coachees during 1:1 coaching sessions and taken away by coachees following each session.
  • Any initial goal-setting meetings are hand-written, shared with coachees and anonymised to ensure no personal data can be identified with any coachee in this initial meeting.
  • Following the initial meeting and coaching sessions, anonymised goal-setting and practitioner reflection notes are locked in a secure drawer in the office of The Hive of Wellbeing.

If you wish to know more about the personal data held for you or wish to discuss a concern or amend the information held, please call or email Claire at The Hive of Wellbeing on:
Telephone: 07951345287
Any requests received by phone will also require an email confirmation before the request can be processed.

This Privacy Notice Policy is reviewed annually to ensure that any additions or amendments can be implemented to meet the requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).