Some feedback from our Sessions

As Bill Gates said, “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” In this spirit, Claire asks for feedback following sessions and below are some of the responses from those who have attended some of the different events over the last five years.

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Some feedback from our Sessions

These sessions give me further understanding on how to manage my own stresses. 

You just nail it every time!!
Claire was amazing again! So knowledgeable and connects with everyone because she’s been in our shoes!
Thank you - we should have one at the start of every term.

The Hive encouraged me to take time for myself, maintaining a work-life balance.

Great presentation. Claire was very inspiring. Wish you could come and spend a day with all our staff.

The Hive made me feel more confident that I am doing the best I can.

Claire helped me get better awareness of self-care and taking time to reflect and not put pressure on myself.

The session Makes you think about what is achievable.

The best aspect of today's session was reflection, nice to discuss things in a big group. Positive thinking.

The best thing are the reminders about how to prioritise and change mindsets.

The sessions are time to share with others and reflect on perceptions.

The sessions with The Hive give me the opportunity to reflect on my own reactions/thought processes.

Thank you – I love these sessions and am spreading the word with colleagues. So useful to have these sessions.
I love the ongoing interactions and your nuggets of wisdom!

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