Sunday Night Blues Spot: Elton John – I’m Still Standing

With two weeks to go before the summer holidays, you may be feeling that, despite the end of term activities, you’re still standing!

The end of term is frenetic, frantic and full-on. There’s not much time for reflection, only a sense of “keeping going”. “Still standing”may be an excellent position to be in at this stage with so much going on.

And yet, as the term draws to a close, there can also be a deflation. There can be a sense of not completing all you set out to do this year, of not supporting some children and young people as you would have always liked, of not achieving some of your own professional/personal goals.

This week, is it possible to take time to be kind to yourself about all of your efforts that you have made this year? Brendon Burchard in his book “Live.Love.Matter” asks himself three questions each night before bed: How did I live today? How did I love today? Did what I do today matter?

In this context, how did you perform this year overall and what/who supported you? How did you connect meaningfully with your work and your children and young people this year? Did what you do this year matter and make a difference and to whom? Perhaps in considering these three questions over the entire year or even from week-to-week, you’ll have a greater sense of your real achievements and the real difference you’ve made to others’ lives. Not only will you be standing but “better than you ever did!”

Have a great week and if you would like some time out to reflect, we have our final session of the year on Tuesday at the Restoration Yard at 4:30pm. All welcome