Sunday Night Blues Spot: Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere

At the start of June, in probably the busiest of terms, it may feel like we are on the Road to Nowhere in trying to plan and execute plans for the last few weeks of the academic year.

However, where have you been this year so far? Where have your plans taken you? And how much of the progress made was down to plans alone? Or was it down to other spontaneous or unexpected interventions? Has your road taken you down some new, unexpected yet welcome avenues to support you in the progress achieved with pupils, families and colleagues?

It may feel like a road to nowhere at times but when we take some moments to reflect on our journey this year, where have we been successful? How have we successfully supported others? What have we learned on our respective journeys this year?

We plan so much in Education, but how often do we trust in our agility to achieve what we need to amidst the “twists and turns” of our journey this year? Maybe we are far more agile than we know. Wishing you a great week and a productive road to everywhere you need to be this week!