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The Hive of Wellbeing offers a range of services to support Educators. CAT, CLPL and In-service sessions range in content from ‘Managing Workload’ to ‘Knowing Ourselves as Educators’; from ‘Managing Time and Energy’ to ‘What matters most in developing a healthy relationship with work.’ Bespoke sessions are crafted by Claire to ensure that relevant topics are addressed appropriately for different staff groups.

Coaching and Mentoring sessions are available for individuals and groups as detailed below. Claire works with coachees on the ‘burning’ issues affecting their wellbeing at work or on the exploration of work or life goals which fuel their purpose and reignite their passion for their life’s work.

All services are currently available online and, where safe and appropriate, can also be accessed face-to-face with Claire.



Safe and confidential 1:1 sessions for Early Year practitioners, Support staff, Teachers and Senior Leaders. Group sessions with different groups of school staff are also available. Sessions are tailored to meet needs of group (max 4 participants). Listen and GROW sessions available for larger groups of staff.



Mentoring involves similar processes to coaching but tends to focus on career and personal development. Whilst coaching involves great questions for your answers, mentoring has some great answers for your questions. Safe and confidential 1:1 sessions for Early Year practitioners, Support staff, Teachers and Senior Leaders.


CAT/CLPL Sessions

Tailored CAT or CLPL sessions in schools or Early Year settings for staff teams on a range of work issues, such as workload, time management, school and classroom systems, values and beliefs, work relationships, which impact on mental and emotional wellbeing.



Tailored whole-day, half-day or two-hour sessions on In-service days to suit the needs of whole staff teams. Similarly to CAT or CLPL sessions, there is a focus on aspects of work which impact on staff mental and emotional wellbeing.


CLPL Sessions

Every fortnight a session on staff mental and emotional wellbeing is held in The Wellbeing Lab, The Restoration Yard in Dalkeith Country Park. Sessions alternate for Senior Leaders and for EY practitioners and Teachers. See events for more details.

Some feedback from our Sessions at The Lab

15th July 2018

These sessions give me further understanding on how to manage my own stresses. 

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