Sunday Night Blues Spot: LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem

Sunday Night Blues Spot: Tonight we have the last song on a Sunday for a good few weeks, as the summer holidays begin for many of you this week!

No more “shuffling” for a good number of weeks as you rediscover the time and space to focus on enjoying a well-deserved break.

It is also a week of endings, just before you start the summer break, as you say goodbye to colleagues and pupils you have known for some time. You may, in fact, be leaving a school community and joining another, and although you can be excited about this prospect, you may wish to reflect on what this ending means for you in moving forward. You may now be retiring and have given the best part of your career to teaching and in a particular school community.

3 Things from The Hive tonight on considering endings:
1) Gratitude – Thank you to all of you for your service to children and young people so that they can make a difference in their own lives. Thank you to all those retiring who have made an incalculable difference to the lives of pupils, families and colleagues. Who would you like to thank this year? Be thankful for all of the support you have received this year to do your job well.

2) Self-compassion – In this final week, although we may wish to party, we may also experience a number of different emotions. Sometimes we might berate ourselves for not having done “better” sometimes. Be gentle and kind with yourself this week as you reflect on the year. You were doing the best you could at this time and others appreciate that.

3) Forgiveness- In a school year, sometimes things can go wrong. Sometimes relationships can suffer due to pressured situations. How can you end this year by letting go of some of these challenging emotions? Or would a reflective reframing of these situations support your ability to have some compassion for others now?

Finally, a massive thank you to each of you for supporting The Hive of Wellbeing this year. I am so grateful to each one of you for your ongoing support and very excited that the online community of followers is growing. Thank you!
I will send out dates for the new academic session this week in a further post.

Have THE best week! And the best of holidays too!